I swear if I hear wedding and tradition used in the same sentence one more time, I just might punch somebody.  Last time I checked its 2014 and well, I don’t have land to give or have any farm animals to be traded with. Got to love the people out there that feel the need to ask how much your parents giving you, or say TRADITIONALY you know your family should be…. Last time I checked rudy McRudster my family doesn’t have to do anything.  Not to mention my mother is a full time student and my father is still living off food stamps, but hey its ok to make me feel like shit. Ladies, what your parents give you is a blessing, what your fiancés parents give you is also a blessing. If you’re one of those people that expects your parents or your fiancés parents to pay for everything, then you are what we called a spoiled brat, and you should just be happy with the fact that someone wants to marry you.

We are both very blessed to have families that are doing what they can to help us celebrate an exciting day, but there is no such thing as tradition in my book and its rude to expect certain thing from people because it’s “tradition,” god even saying that word makes me cringe.

To hell with “tradition”

At my wedding there will be no bride and groom side we are all family, suck it up and mingle.

I’m still debating If I want to toss a bouquet, I always felt it was kind of dumb, but I always found it entertaining watching single females fighting over fake flowers.

Both my parents will be walking me down the aisle, and if I didn’t have to worry about having a place for my dog and rabbit to go after the ceremony, they would be walking me too.

Something old something….. blah blah I have never understood that tradition, although I most likely will have something barrowed, new, and old. That something blue will be that one person that tries hitting the glass with a spoon at the reception.

I also will not be wearing white; in fact I’m really hoping I score a pink dress. Yes I just said pink. Have a problem with it, well good thing you don’t have to wear it then right?? In all realness what I want is a blush, not like hot pink. I have classy taste thank you.

I already know that the planning of my wedding will be a hair pulling adventure, but I will have the most stellar (yes people still use that word) wedding ever!

your bride to be,