A Letter To My Niece 

My precious Saya,

It is with great honor that I get to call you my niece, my strong, beautiful, and intelligent niece.  As I am writing this you are still in your mothers stomach completely unaware of this amazing life full of people that love you that you are about to enter.  I’ am so incredibly anxious to meet you, to hold you, and teach you. I may have not met you yet but I already know that I love you so much. Being your aunt and godmother I feel that I have the responsibility to help you become the amazing woman you are meant to be. Here are some words of wisdom and quotes that remind me of the great person I want to be and a person I hope you turn out to be.  As you get older the true evils of this world we live in will start seeping through the cracks, don’t be discouraged for there is beauty that still remains and let that beauty live and shine though you. Never loose your innocence and hope in peace. Love with all your heart and love to the fullest. One of my favorite quote by Alison Sudol is  “When you really open your heart, allow your self to feel, to see the beauty in all things, even sadness takes a certain sweetness” so let your self love. To love fully you must you must learn to forgive, forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace (jonathanlockwood huie) anger and revenge have never solved anything other then create wars and more heartbreak. Don’t let the poor acts of others leave you bitter, for it does nothing but leave you miserable. In this world you will also come across people who will judge you based solely on the fact that you are a woman. Let me tell you are enough and you can do anything you want to do and you can be what ever you want be. Beauty comes from with in not the amount of make up you have on or your breast size. There is only one of you so embrace your inner beauty and love yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you the sky is the limit when there’s footprintson the moon Saya I’ am not only your aunt but your second mom, your best friend, your sister, and much more. I’m here to help you live to your fullest, to help you become the beautiful, strong, intelligent, independent person you are. Whatever you choose to do in life I’ll be there backing you up and cheering you on.


Auntie Ry Ry