Kale chips

Need a great substitute for those greasy high calorie chips? Then do I have a great easy recipe for you. We have all heard the great benefits of kale: its great for eyesight, heart health, and Nutrient Dense. Lets be honest though, kale is disgusting, and straight up fing GROSS. Go ahead and try to enjoy eating a kale leaf, yea its bitter.  I can promise you thought these chips are absolutely exquisite, damn right I just typed that sentence with my pinky up 😉

What you need:


olive oil

himalayan salt ( great health benefits)

Oven temp: 350

cook time: 10

Wash kale by separating the leaves and soaking them in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes. Use a strainer to drain the kale and repeat. Another way to clean leafy greens is to presoak them for five minutes in a mixture of vinegar and water (1/2 cup distilled white vinegar per two cups water), followed by a water rinse. This however my slightly affect texture and taste, but it has shown to reduce bacteria. It is extremely important to thoroughly wash your produce even if its organic. I can’t tell you how many horror stories I have heard being in the food business due to people touching these items and that dont have proper hygiene, not to mention the harmful chemicals that may be on it.

Back on topic, once the kale is clean and dried  cut the kale to preferred size, let me add they do shrink a little once they are cooked. spread out the kale on a cookie sheet, then lightly drizzle the olive oil on top, and sparkle with salt. Now pop those bad boys in the oven and set your timer for ten minutes.

Now enjoy a treat that is ok to splurge on.

kale chip loving,