Hello world, this is me.

I’ am a Chicagoan that is currently living in Cincinnati newly engaged and living life. I always wanted to create a blog on my love for food, mainly pastries and my life journeys. I’ am a pastry chef with an old soul, I’m sarcastic, blunt, and well, realistic. I happen to think at times I’m quit hilarious and clever, others find me very odd, but I understand that not everyone can handle all this awesomeness. Before I begin let me start with a warning, if you get offended by “profound” language this blog is not for you, I express my feeling though strongly worded adjectives and that is just who I’am, I try my best to keep it classy.  This is also a blog that a grammar nazi should never ever see, for I fear they might end their lives. I’m not entering a spelling bee, expect to get it published, or form it in to a book, so don’t get your panties in a bunch over a misplaced comma.

With all that said Im Ryan I hope you enjoy reading my tips, recipes, life journeys, and other things I feel are worth posting.


With love,




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