A Letter To My Niece 

My precious Saya,

It is with great honor that I get to call you my niece, my strong, beautiful, and intelligent niece.  As I am writing this you are still in your mothers stomach completely unaware of this amazing life full of people that love you that you are about to enter.  I’ am so incredibly anxious to meet you, to hold you, and teach you. I may have not met you yet but I already know that I love you so much. Being your aunt and godmother I feel that I have the responsibility to help you become the amazing woman you are meant to be. Here are some words of wisdom and quotes that remind me of the great person I want to be and a person I hope you turn out to be.  As you get older the true evils of this world we live in will start seeping through the cracks, don’t be discouraged for there is beauty that still remains and let that beauty live and shine though you. Never loose your innocence and hope in peace. Love with all your heart and love to the fullest. One of my favorite quote by Alison Sudol is  “When you really open your heart, allow your self to feel, to see the beauty in all things, even sadness takes a certain sweetness” so let your self love. To love fully you must you must learn to forgive, forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace (jonathanlockwood huie) anger and revenge have never solved anything other then create wars and more heartbreak. Don’t let the poor acts of others leave you bitter, for it does nothing but leave you miserable. In this world you will also come across people who will judge you based solely on the fact that you are a woman. Let me tell you are enough and you can do anything you want to do and you can be what ever you want be. Beauty comes from with in not the amount of make up you have on or your breast size. There is only one of you so embrace your inner beauty and love yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you the sky is the limit when there’s footprintson the moon Saya I’ am not only your aunt but your second mom, your best friend, your sister, and much more. I’m here to help you live to your fullest, to help you become the beautiful, strong, intelligent, independent person you are. Whatever you choose to do in life I’ll be there backing you up and cheering you on.


Auntie Ry Ry 


Kale chips

Need a great substitute for those greasy high calorie chips? Then do I have a great easy recipe for you. We have all heard the great benefits of kale: its great for eyesight, heart health, and Nutrient Dense. Lets be honest though, kale is disgusting, and straight up fing GROSS. Go ahead and try to enjoy eating a kale leaf, yea its bitter.  I can promise you thought these chips are absolutely exquisite, damn right I just typed that sentence with my pinky up 😉

What you need:


olive oil

himalayan salt ( great health benefits)

Oven temp: 350

cook time: 10

Wash kale by separating the leaves and soaking them in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes. Use a strainer to drain the kale and repeat. Another way to clean leafy greens is to presoak them for five minutes in a mixture of vinegar and water (1/2 cup distilled white vinegar per two cups water), followed by a water rinse. This however my slightly affect texture and taste, but it has shown to reduce bacteria. It is extremely important to thoroughly wash your produce even if its organic. I can’t tell you how many horror stories I have heard being in the food business due to people touching these items and that dont have proper hygiene, not to mention the harmful chemicals that may be on it.

Back on topic, once the kale is clean and dried  cut the kale to preferred size, let me add they do shrink a little once they are cooked. spread out the kale on a cookie sheet, then lightly drizzle the olive oil on top, and sparkle with salt. Now pop those bad boys in the oven and set your timer for ten minutes.

Now enjoy a treat that is ok to splurge on.

kale chip loving,


The big the bad GMO

Before I post a recipe I wanted to first explaining something Im very passionate about. I’ am very much anti-GMO and pro organic; However, I’m not all up in anyone’s face about it like the majority of the people are today, or brag about it. It’s a choice, a choice we all should be able to make. A little back-story is that I have always been anti GMO since I was a child; my family all thought my paranoia towards food was one of my OCD obsessions that just never went away. I have been reading and studying about this for years before it even became “trendy” I’m very happy that it has become as big as it is now so we can get the ball rolling with things being labeled the correct way, we all have the right to know what is in our food. Now I know so many people are rolling their eyes right now, but I’m going to give you an awesome story about an amazing woman that got my mom to change her mind.
Christina Pirello not only is an incredible woman, a red head, but a survivor of terminal leukemia. Let me say that again, terminal leukemia. Terminal means the final stage of cancer, meaning peace out world, see you in the flip side. She was diagnosed at the age 26. 26 years old, that is how old I’ am. A co-worker, who is now her husband introduced her to the whole food, unprocessed life style. After just two months of this life style change there was noticeable significant improvements in her condition. In fourteen months, Christina was cancer free. This brought her to study and become an expert on traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, acupuncture and earned a Masters Degree in Nutrition.
Here is what she has to say on GMO. Oh, did I mention she is amazing chef that shares great whole food recipes? Check it out.

here is a page that someone put together with some scientific evidence about GMO being harmful.
Let me add that you will find many studies showing that there is nothing wrong with GMO; however many of these articles are funded or done by people who are making a profit off of GMO.
Yes, the food world is ugly and full of lies. A perfect example of this is aspartame, the evil aspartame that is in your diet pop and sugar free foods. The FDA denied aspartame eight times. Yes, I will repeat that EIGHT TIMES. The creator G.D. Searle own scientist that he hired to test his creation even said that is was dangerous. Here is a timeline that shows how it became legal, the whole story should be on the show scandal.

Sadly this means you can’t trust FDA or even USDA, sorry. Let me just add that my aunt’s father use to work for the FDA and he even said himself they can’t be trusted. This means that things that are labeled organic you still have to do your own research on, it can’t always be trusted. Not to mention that in order anything to be labeled organic it must be 95% who knows what that other 5% is. So basically the only way to know that you are getting ultimate best quality and safe food is by growing it your self, which is why I can’t wait for the day I own a house.
With all that said if you still don’t agree with all this that is fine, all I ask id to join us in the right to know campaign http://www.righttoknow-gmo.org/

Wrapping this all up in some of my recipes you will see me say organic, it doesn’t have to be organic to make the recipe, but I recommend it. Let me add that I’m not that person where everything I consume is organic,I do my best eat well; however, I’m a sucker for baked goods, pizza, and greasy fried food that I will never give up, oh and my processed Chicago style dog from portillo’s.

Here is a video I made for my environmental science class a few years ago. The quality of the film is horrible since I used a really old Kodak camera. I also had ONE day to film and edit it, I also had a dell computer at the time which refused to upload my videos to the computer with out a converter, so I  used a free online one that ended up putting a water mark on my video. Other then all that I feel like It was a decent job.  say no to GMO

sincerely your say no to GMO



I swear if I hear wedding and tradition used in the same sentence one more time, I just might punch somebody.  Last time I checked its 2014 and well, I don’t have land to give or have any farm animals to be traded with. Got to love the people out there that feel the need to ask how much your parents giving you, or say TRADITIONALY you know your family should be…. Last time I checked rudy McRudster my family doesn’t have to do anything.  Not to mention my mother is a full time student and my father is still living off food stamps, but hey its ok to make me feel like shit. Ladies, what your parents give you is a blessing, what your fiancés parents give you is also a blessing. If you’re one of those people that expects your parents or your fiancés parents to pay for everything, then you are what we called a spoiled brat, and you should just be happy with the fact that someone wants to marry you.

We are both very blessed to have families that are doing what they can to help us celebrate an exciting day, but there is no such thing as tradition in my book and its rude to expect certain thing from people because it’s “tradition,” god even saying that word makes me cringe.

To hell with “tradition”

At my wedding there will be no bride and groom side we are all family, suck it up and mingle.

I’m still debating If I want to toss a bouquet, I always felt it was kind of dumb, but I always found it entertaining watching single females fighting over fake flowers.

Both my parents will be walking me down the aisle, and if I didn’t have to worry about having a place for my dog and rabbit to go after the ceremony, they would be walking me too.

Something old something….. blah blah I have never understood that tradition, although I most likely will have something barrowed, new, and old. That something blue will be that one person that tries hitting the glass with a spoon at the reception.

I also will not be wearing white; in fact I’m really hoping I score a pink dress. Yes I just said pink. Have a problem with it, well good thing you don’t have to wear it then right?? In all realness what I want is a blush, not like hot pink. I have classy taste thank you.

I already know that the planning of my wedding will be a hair pulling adventure, but I will have the most stellar (yes people still use that word) wedding ever!

your bride to be,


Hello world, this is me.

I’ am a Chicagoan that is currently living in Cincinnati newly engaged and living life. I always wanted to create a blog on my love for food, mainly pastries and my life journeys. I’ am a pastry chef with an old soul, I’m sarcastic, blunt, and well, realistic. I happen to think at times I’m quit hilarious and clever, others find me very odd, but I understand that not everyone can handle all this awesomeness. Before I begin let me start with a warning, if you get offended by “profound” language this blog is not for you, I express my feeling though strongly worded adjectives and that is just who I’am, I try my best to keep it classy.  This is also a blog that a grammar nazi should never ever see, for I fear they might end their lives. I’m not entering a spelling bee, expect to get it published, or form it in to a book, so don’t get your panties in a bunch over a misplaced comma.

With all that said Im Ryan I hope you enjoy reading my tips, recipes, life journeys, and other things I feel are worth posting.


With love,